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To be the Beacon of hope and truth for all media professionals.


  • Welfare of members
  • Career Advancement of members
  • Create better opportunities for members
  • Build Relationships
  • Create a platform for networking.

Who we are:

The Media profession today is not accorded the respect and accolade it once enjoyed in time past. Regarded as a career for people of integrity, it is viewed as the last hope for the ordinary man in accessing unbiased information about happenings in the society.

Over the Decade, we have witnessed the degrading conditions of which media professionals have had to work under in africa, from police brutality to political witch-hunting and not to mention employer maltreatment. These are some of the challenges faced by practitioners in the industry, it is time to put an end to it all.

The African Union of Media Professionals is a body dedicated to the total and complete wellbeing of media practitioners. it’s an organization tasked with the responsibility of catering to the professional and private needs of those in the information dissemination industry. The protection and advancement of those working tirelessly to uphold the truth no matter the circumstances, is paramount to us at the AUMP

The Africa Union of Media Professional houses all media related careers, journalists, broadcasters, broadcast journalists et al. With us, they have a place to call home.